Missions and Outreach

If you would like to know how you may further support our individual missionaries financially and/or through prayer. Please contact the Missions Committee.

The Missions Committee encourages all members of First Presbyterian Church to contact our missionaries and find out how God is working through their ministries.

Missionary Agencies we support:

Apologetics Resource Center – Birmingham www.arcapologetics.org

James Ministries – Jasper

Pregnancy Test & Resource Center – Jasper

Individual Missionaries we support:

Mission to the World  staff:

Jim & Sue Akovenko, MTW – International; Jim_Akovenko [at] tsco [dot] org

Tom & Connie Edwards, MTW – Birmingham, AL ; TomEdwards [at] BellSouth [dot] net

Glenn & Frances Camenisch, MTW – Portugal;  GDCamenisch [at] usa [dot] net

Allen & Sandi Smith, Christian Missionary Society

Mile & Eli Sabin – Trans World Radio

Trace & Ginger Donahoo – England